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Cat Hill, Enfield


June 15, 2017

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Cat Hill, Enfield


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GJS Surface Restoration was urgently called upon by Quadrant Construction to help complete building contractor work to redevelop the former middlesex university campus site.

The project worked to deliver 162 new apartments on top of 69 new houses, many of which were in need of significant restoration, repair and refurbishment.

From damaged external and internal doors, kitchen units, work surfaces and window frames to scratched glass and ceramic tiles, Quadrant were in drastic need of swift repairs in order to hit time frames to hand over the project.

After realising the ‘snag list’ was much greater than expected the site manager called GJS Restoration, and within just 24 hours we provided 2 glass polishers as well as 3 repair technicians.

From removing scratches and polishing the damaged glass to repairing chipped and scraped worktops, we were able to ensure that every damaged surface and material looked and felt brand-new.

Not only did this allow Quadrant to save money by eliminating the need to purchase any new replacement materials or parts, it saved vital time that would otherwise need to be spent placing orders and waiting for delivery.

Sometimes meeting hand overs can be a difficult and demanding time for site managers. In order to meet short time goals and cuts in budget, most contractors end up having to rush, causing more accidental damage (scaling up projects even further), as well as compromising to cheaper materials that are prone to more deterioration.

By working with GJS Restoration, Quadrant was able to maintain the high quality and strength of the original materials whilst successfully hitting pressing short-term targets. Following the completion of this project we were able to work out a program to meet their future needs.

Working on redevelopment sites such as Master Gunners – Woolwich, St Agnes Place – Bolton Crescent and Walthamstow Stadium, together we have grown from strength to strength with Quadrant being one of GJS Restoration’s biggest clients.


We appreciate that no-one likes to wait in for a tradesman to turn up, especially if it’s only to say that the damage is too extensive, so we offer you this free service to save you some time. Please try and provide as much detail about the damage as possible, this will help us to make an accurate assessment.