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Cruise & Ferry

Cruise & Ferry

Our specialist repair solutions provide cruise and ferry operators, as well as ship outfitters with a fast, cost-effective, durable alternative to replacement. Our Finishers can work either while the ship is in dry dock or as riding crews while at sea. They travel with all the equipment required to carry out any repair they come up against, in cabins and public areas, such as chipped sinks or shower trays, dented furniture, doors or worktops. Our Finishers can also inspect the cabins for any blemishes beyond the job they have been tasked to do, so that additional repairs can be undertaken on the spot.

Repair reporting systems

Our teams are equipped with iPhones running specialist software that records details of all repairs, including a photographic record. This information feeds into our customer reporting system so customers can view detailed repair data for each ship, including the number and type of items repaired, the locations of repairs and cost and landfill savings.


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