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Chips, dents, scratches, burns or stains on any hard surface can be repaired and restored to good as new easily both internal and external.

Our friendly, professional, flexible family of on-the-go technicians are at hand to offer repairs and restoration at your place with no fuss, at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to order and replace.

Saving you from the high costs of labor for stripping out the damage, the disposal cost of skipping and replacing! Saving you time and the headache.

We at GJS Surface Restoration are proud to offer repair solutions that not only save our customers money but also prevent waste that becomes landfill. With over 20 million tonnes of landfill every year, we believe we have a responsibility to re-educate the throw away society we have become after all people are essentially unknowingly throwing away money.

We often get calls from the landlords, letting agencies and home owners who are repairing the house for sale or rental, but we do love the odd jobs too for domestic homes as we understand how annoying those Chips, dents, scratches can be.

We offer a rapid repair service across Greater London and are used to working out of hours and on weekends to cater to your needs.

So don’t live with the damage pick up the phone or send a picture of the damage to us for a FREE quote.

We’ve made it even easier you can now use our online form and we will give you a quote in advanced, then let one of our friendly technicians visit and take care of the damage.

P.S. - No need to lay down the newspaper, we are a tidy bunch it comes with the job, we treat every customers place \ like we would our own.