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Our terms, we all have them...

Terms & Conditions

  1. The due date for the payment is thirty days from the date on the invoice. The nal Receipt payment is 45 days from the invoice date for every customer. The exception is when both parties have discussed prior to the work starting another date and have agreed it in writing. If you do not have an account you must pay the amount in full before work starts.
  2. Unless told otherwise works are warranted (retention will be 0%).
  3. Discounts cannot be applied except when they have been agreed in writing prior to the work starting
  4. The liability of defects is a 12 month period from when the sub contract works has been completed or agreed between us prior to work starting.
  5. The requirements of access (such as MEWPS/scaffold) are down to the requesting party unless agreed prior to the work starting in writing. Extra charges will be made for access equipment that’s supplied.
  6. We must receive a request by post, fax or email conrming your requirements before GJS. come to you. Any order MUST have the following detail.
  1. The person who orders the work needs to give us there name, contact details and job title.
  2. They need to confirm they have been given authority by there employer to order the works.
  3. The name and address of the company.
  4. Contact details and address of the site.
  5. Details of someone we can contact on the site who has the authority to accept work each day. It is the sole responsibility of the contacting party to inspect and accept the work done each day. This can be done through signature or our online portal.
  6. you fail to give us a suitable representative it will be deemed as you accepting and signing o on all work completed. This is subject to us agreeing other arrangements in advance and also in writing.
  7. We will need you to provide contact details of a quantity surveyor or another person suitably empowered for taking and sorting out payment of invoices.
  8. We will need a suitable address for the invoice.
  9. Any need of the company/individual to provide payment for the work we have done need to be given when you book with us and not after the event. Any information either not given when you order, requested after or relied on after the work has been completed are not acceptable reasons when it comes to the delay of invoices been settled with us.
  10. Photos as asked for by GJS.
  11. The paint colour (RAL) or alternatively details of the manufacturer and sheen to be provided if known.
  12. Design or special textures or other niche related to the work.
  13. Any factors related to the work location such as strange, special circumstances or limiting factors, the surrounding area and safety of GJS operatives and others in the area.
  14. The Power supply available is 240v/110v.
  15. The condition of lighting either temporary, task or xed it is accepted by our customer that small colours changes may be experienced when lightening that is permanent is installed. Responsibility for these changes and visits after the initial work is completed rests completely with the customer.
  16. All types of restriction on ventilation and also on requirements thereof
  17. There been the availability of on or o site parking.
  18. The hours that the site operates.
  19. Keeping us notied of any type of prerequisite that would eect the accurate completion of either risk assessments or method statements.
  20. Dates and times for an induction to your site.
  1. If you do not comply with clause 6 then you will be responsible for any delays or risks.
  2. GJS do not agree to accept any documents or references to documents that have not been supplied prior to our attendance.

    During the agreed time GJS will not take the responsibility for damage caused on the job unless it can be contributed to us directly. The area we work in will be protected throughout the job we do and removed after. The customer will see to this.

    We will only take responsibility for damage done to the customers place of work unless its directly attributed to us during or after the work has been completed. The customer will have the area of the work protected whilst the work goes on and remove it after.
  3. Under the construction industry scheme (taxation) GJS is paid in Gross and we can supply our unique tax reference if we are asked for it.
  4. Regarding CITB we are not part of this scheme as due to the type of work all our operatives are trained in house. So nothing should be deducted under this scheme.
  5. If we are not able to get into the place of work you have asked us to visit it will be an unsuccessful visit and you will be charged in full for it.
  6. If there are delays in the work beyond out control but that can be linked to other’s directly it may result in additional charges. We do accept force beyond out control to include weather and force majeure.
  7. The type of process we use when polishing glass means there will be removal of some glass and this process also produces heat. Rarely but sometimes the glass can crack and break when it is been restored, this can be put down to thermal stress of imperfections already in the glass. Should this happen we do not take responsibility for it. The glass has damage already in it and needed replacing before we attended the place of work.
  8. GJS when carrying out the polishing process cannot be held as liable for sight distortions, in the cases where they go beyond GGF regulations we will not charge you.

GJS handle repairing damaged items, surfaces areas or hard surfaces. Originally the materials would have been manufactured in controlled environments, possibly with large levels of heat of pressure been applied during the process. We cannot duplicate these conditions, there are limitations to what we can do that are due to the location the repaired or resurfaced item is located in.

Dust can cause surfaces to have pinholes to appear in worn/porous surfaces. Other known damage can be caused by Aerosols and silicone been used in the vicinity of a repaired surface. Due to this GJS need to work in as controlled an area as is realistic and the area has to be limited to GJS employees only again to minimize the risk of damage caused by the above factors.

Any flaws caused due to age or that can be put down to the manufacturing process may incur extra work that we did not quote you for originally.

GJS oer’s gives you a quality nish that will save you time, save you money and will last. Our service is an alternative to replacing damaged goods, the areas we treat may look like new after but they aren’t.

We oer out customers a one year warranty, this covers your for peeling and aking and if the repair fails to stick to the surface, however this is under the following conditions:

An abrasive cleaner cannot be used on the surface.

If there is physical damage done to the surface such as chipping or scratches this is not covered. This also applies to damage caused from chemicals of dyes.

When the heat is greater than 350 degrees or under direct ame. Also problems caused from struc-
tural conditions, xtures been moved around or excess moisture.


When part of the work will include resurfacing, the color of the resurfacing must be decided by the customer before the work starts. If the color is applied and you want to change it, this cannot be done unless all the color is applied again, this would be done at the your expense.

Our employees are not insured or authorized to do work that they have not been requested to do by GJS. Anything done by your request such as the changing of xtures is done with the knowledge that any damage done will be your responsibility.


We have tried to make this website as easy to access for people as possible but access issues can arise. If you do come across any of these then let us know and we will do our best to resolve them.

email: tel: 0203 538 58 45

Write to:

GJS GJS SURFACE RESTORATION LTD, 44 Mornington Avenue, Bromley, Kent, BR1 2RF


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